40 years ago:

Banque du Crédit Populaire (BCP)

Newsletter Q1 1977

BCP has purchased Payroll and Personnel Management programs.
BCP, which has since become IBL Bank, is still our client for all ICBS modules and some IMAD modules in Beirut, Nicosia and Erbil.

30 years ago:

A. Maamari - Beirut

Newsletter Q1 1987

A. Maamari, interior designers, selected several IMAD modules.

20 years ago:

Credit Bank - Beirut
Crédit Commercial de France - Beirut

Newsletter Q1 1997

Credit Bank (Formerly Crédit Bancaire) - Beirut selected ICBS on Oracle to support its operations. Credit Bank is still an ICBS user.

Credit Commercial de France (CCF) - Beirut, a subsidiary of CCF (Paris) selected ICBS on DB2. CCF used ICBS throughout his years of operations in Beirut.

10 years ago:

BLOM Bank - Romania

Newsletter Q1 2007

BLOM Bank - Romania, a subsidiary of BLOM Bank - France, decided to drop its legacy system and adopt ICBS.

ICBS is today deployed for BLOM Bank subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France, Romania, Sharjah, Dubai, Qatar, Syria and Lebanon (BLOM Development Bank).