40 years ago:

Wardy - Zahlé

Newsletter Q4 1977

Wardy – Zahlé selected IMAD for the processing of their import business.

30 years ago:

Banque Tohmé SAL - Beirut
Sidem SAL - Zouk

Newsletter Q4 1987

Banque Tohmé - Beirut, selected ICBS for the support of its operations.
Sidem SAL - Zouk, an aluminium processing plant, selected IMAD.

20 years ago:

Saudi National Commercial Bank – Beirut
Banorabe - Paris

Newsletter Q4 1997

Saudi National Commercial Bank - Beirut (SNCB), selected ICBS.
SNCB remained an ICBS user for 20 years, up to the closure of its operations in Beirut.

Banorabe – Paris (Now BLOM – France), selected ICBS.
BLOM is still using ICBS in Paris, London, Bucharest, Qatar, Sharjah, Dubai, and Beirut (in Beirut for its Islamic Bank).

10 years ago:

Jordan Islamic Bank – Amman
Bank of Jordan - Syria
Union Bank of Iraq – Baghdad
AXA – Gulf

Newsletter Q4 2007

Jordan Islamic Bank - Amman, selected Islamic ICBS for its operations.

Bank of Jordan- Syria, started its operations with ICBS after having used ICBS in Jordan.

Union Bank of Irak - Baghdad, opted for ICBS.

AXA – Gulf, a subsidiary of AXA – Paris, and a user of CIRIS (Non Life), selected LIRIS for its Life insurance operations in Saudia and the Gulf countries.

All the above mentioned, are still using our products.