Financial System

Accounts receivables
• Complete Integration With other Modules
• Receivables and Commissioning
• Direct Collection of Premium
• Lock Box Payment Facility
• Commission Calculation
• Agent/Broker Account Inquiry
• Multi-Level Commission Rates
• Standard or Negotiated Commission Rates

• General Ledger
• Accounts Payable
• Multiple Cost Centers
• Flexible Closing for Month and Year End
• Commission Calculation
• Automatic Cheques Production
• History
• Cash Management


• Actual/Estimated according to various criteria
• Security Set up for Commissions, Forecasting and Year to Date comparisons

Claims system

Designed for comprehensive claim management the Claims module seamlessly interfaces to the policy database as well as the accounting module. This allows smooth and accurate claims handling. This module starts with claim set up and tracks the claim through to closing.

• Loss Reporting
• Automatic Assignment
• Financial Administration
• Client Administration
• Subrogation
• Salvage
• Litigation Management
• Integration with Motor Claims Assessment of a TPA

Reinsurance system

This module is designed to handle the most complex reinsurance issues and is available as part of the enterprise wide system or can be integrated to other vendor systems.


• Multiple Treaty Handling
• Surplus
• Quota Share
• Excess of Loss
• Facultative and Obligatory Placements
• Automatic Calculations
• Allocation of Premiums
• Commissions
• Claim Payments/Recoveries
• Retroactive Endorsements and Claims
• Real Time Issuance of Reinsurance Documents
• Calculation of Reserves for Premiums and Claims