modules are all articulated around the Core Nucleus.

Nucleus consists of: encapsulating security features (groups / users profiles, roles and privileges, audit trails), dynamic personalized menus, referential and parameters tables, business rules setting tools, multi relational central customers’ information with KYC capabilities and signature verification, embedded accounting system, and a set of engines including:

  • Accounting entries generator,
  • Commissions, Charges and Value dates calculator,
  • Advice, receipts, customers documents, notification and payments messages generator,
  • Limits and compliance controls, escalations, overrides and multi levels approvals.

Once this backbone of ICBS implemented, any other module can be added simply and smoothly stage by stage, on the basis of user requirements and time and personnel availability.

Schematically, the main modules of ICBS can be represented as follows:

ICBS provides for Integration with delivery channels (Credit/Debit cards, ATM /POS/ CDM switches, SWIFT, e-banking, IVR/Phone Banking, Mobile banking, SMS banking, Price feeding, Payment systems: ACH and RTGS, Electronic Checks Clearing solutions, Biometric verification solutions, …).

is the Internet Banking sub system of ICBS to handle and manage Banks and Financial Institutions Internet Channel facilities encompassing both Retail and Corporate customers requirements.

operational modules can integrates easily with third parties applications and systems.

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