The Industrial Manufacturing And Distribution system (IMAD) is a modular software package supporting the financial, administrative, production and distribution activities of Manufacturing and Distribution Firms. The first version of IMAD was implemented in 1981. Today, IMAD modules are successfully running at 100+ firms operating in both Manufacturing (Cement, Pipes, Beverages, Furniture....) and Distribution (Supermarkets, Department Stores, Oils and Lubricant, Heavy Machinery, Car Sales, Home Appliances...) companies.

IMAD is available on Oracle multitier web enabled platform.


General Features

User friendly, modular, integrated, secure, flexible, parameterized, multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-company, multi-branch, on-line, real time, RDBMS based and fully documented. Modules can be installed on a stand-alone mode.

Core Module

The core module (nucleus) includes:

• System tables and parameters
• User defined dynamic GUI menus
• User defined profiles and group profiles