Vehicle Management

• Vehicle records
• Maintenance and insurance schedule
• Vehicle daily transactions (Reparation, Lubricant and Battery Exchange, etc...)

Drafts/Notes Management

• Automatic issuing of drafts
• Interest calculation
• Diaries by department, bank, region
• Complete reporting
• Past due, unpaid bills


• User defined payroll items
• Taxes management
• Social security and family allowances
• Flexible high-cost of living changes
• Loans management

Human Resources

• Applications, interviews, assignment and contract management complete workflow
• Personal information, education, experience (in and out), training (in and out)
• Leaves record
• Medical and life insurance
• Termination/separation
• Schooling

Fixed Assets

• Assets records
• Depreciation
• Maintenance history of asset record
• Multiple transactions (Purchase, Transfer, Sale, ...)

Distribution Modules

Purchase Orders

. Order preparation
. Follow up: Placement, Reception, Situation, etc.
. Quotes comparison