Facilities Management services:

BML Istisharat facilities management services has among its clients the World Bank (IBRD), the International Air Transport Association (IATA) etc...
The data entry factory is equipped to accommodate up to 150 operators. A permanent staff of 10 includes Network engineers, Training professionals and Supervisors.

Contact point: M. Nabil Matta
Phone: + 961-1-683194/5
Fax: + 961-1-683193
Mail: comap@istisharat.com

Interactive Media Response (IMR) solutions :

BML Istisharat is active in IMR solutions for interactive voice response, voice-enabled websites, computer telephony integration, fax on demand, advanced speech recognition, and much more.
BML Istisharat solutions are based on the Vista software platform from Syntellect and incorporates the following four key components :

1- Separate the request medium from the response medium.
2- Support for open standards.
3- Enable customers to access existing data, application, and transaction services from anywhere.
4- Connect instantly to a live agent during a telephone call or web interaction.

Contact point: Miss May Hakimeh
Phone: + 961-1-566130
Fax: + 961-1-566132
Mail: mhakime@istisharat.com

Data Communications

Our company is pioneering Free Space Optics (FSO) technology in our markets. FSO is a laser based technology that transmits data, voice or video between two points within line-of-sight using an optical signal through free space - a "virtual" cable. It delivers the simplicity of a wireless solution with data rates comparable to fiber.

We provide 10Mbps and 100Mbps links at ranges of 300m, 2km and 4km. Range
can be extended with repeater. Links can be either bought or rented.

Being a Layer 1 product it can virtually be used for any communication media applications and typical applications are in Computer networks, Internet connection sharing, Leased lines, last mile connectivity, telecom operators, CCTV networks, PABX connectivity and so on.

FSO is an alternative to fiber optic cable and microwave.

• No need for trenching: Time and labor saving. Quick and efficient installations.
• Bandwidth: Achievable bandwidth in a laser system is substantially higher than in radio frequency (RF) systems.
• No frequency licensing: Does not require radio permits and licenses like microwave systems do.
• Ownership: Unlike cables, this is a recoverable and moveable asset.
• EMI/EMC: FSO does not interfere with other transmission equipment nor is affected by adjacent equipment or lightning.
• Protoblind Technology: The end user is able to select "any off the shelf" fiber optic interface regardless of the manufacturer. Use any standard media converter for copper terminations.
• High security: The data over the air cannot be eavesdropped/intercepted.
• Remote diagnostics: The link can be monitored via GSM or Ethernet/IP.
• Cost effective.

Contact point : Miss May Hakimeh
Phone : 961 - 1 - 566130
Fax : 961 - 1 - 566132
E-Mail : Mhakime@istisharat.com